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EGP policy on the MU campus in Trent Park

For 75 years the green belt around London has been protected by law. In Enfield, Trent Park forms one part of that protective belt. Indeed, it was to maintain the green belt that the park was brought into public ownership in 1952. Despite the importance of the green belt it has always included some buildings. For instance, Middlesex University (MU), and the preceding Teacher Training College, have been in the park for over 60 years.

This will soon change since MU plans to close its Trent Park campus this summer. Now the University does not merely occupy part of the park it actually owns part of it. And it is offering its 52 acre site for sale or lease with a view to 'major redevelopment'
( http://www.trentparkcampus.com/development-opportunity ). These are words that should worry anyone who cares about our environment.

The departure of the University is both threat and opportunity. The threats include loss of green belt and of access to public land. The opportunity is to reaffirm the value of the Green Belt and to fix the less attractive features of the MU campus.

Since there are no development plans no detailed comments are possible. However, Enfield Green Party (EGP) believes that whatever happens next should include the removal of some of the uglier buildings, a net decrease in the developed area, maintenance of the current public access to the site and no increase in vehicular traffic into the Park.

EGP would not resist redevelopment for educational purposes. Education is economically and culturally important and a good development could be a positive asset to the borough - especially if it exploited the location for research and teaching related to the natural environment

We would resist any residential development as this would violate the integrity of the Green Belt - one of our oldest and most valuable environmental protections.

We call on Enfield Council to adopt these principles and to inform all potential developers that it will scrutinise all development plans with the utmost care.

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ