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Press coverage

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Press enquiries:

David Flint
Tel: 07894 705873
Email: press@enfieldgreens.org.uk

Press release:

Government Budget does little to help the people of Enfield, says Greens

New Labour have failed to “provide upwards of half a million jobs”

Enfield Green Party has today attacked the Chancellor’s budget for failing to spend money on jobs, housing and public transport.

Douglas Coker, Enfield Green Party Chair, said: "Alistair Darling has come up with a mere £1.4bn to spend on green measures. We need something like £30bn invested to create a new green economy and provide upwards of half a million jobs.

“The Chancellor wants to build more houses, but why not just refurbish existing empty homes with energy efficiency in mind? Homeless families want to live in decent, cheap to heat accommodation. Whole streets could be surveyed with a view to installing energy saving measures and this could be the start of a Borough wide programme.

“We are also concerned about the car scrappage scheme. Properly looked after, cars can last much longer than 10 years, and there is nothing to stop motorists from using the £2000 to move from a small car to a gas guzzler. The money would be much better directed to improvements in public transport.”

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