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Comment - Pinkham Way, and waste disposal generally

Meeting report by Mike Shaughnessy (Haringey Green Party)

Colin Parish, founder of The Pinkham Way Alliance, said, "This factory will be seventy five feet high, with a chimney almost double that size. The plan is for over one thousand vehicle movements a day. This is [already] the worst traffic junction in London and these plans will make this situation even worse".

Darren Johnson, a Green party member of the Greater London Assembly said "Local residents are a force to be reckoned with, and this had had an effect on Haringey Council's action in delaying a decision. The politics is also important, the Mayor of London can decide whether this plant is built, and this makes it a big issue at the Mayoral and GLA elections in May next year. This plan is based on the low levels of recycling which we have in London but we could be achieving over 80% recycling, like they do in many countries in Europe."

Quentin Given, Coordinator of Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth, also spoke. The meeting resolved to continue the fight against this massive plant.

Jean Robertson-Molloy adds: "It took EGP's Laura Davenport to point out in a typically forthright speech that a bunch of people who can produce a Plan seventy-five pages long for waste disposal (did they really want us all to read it?) ought to have the ability to produce at least a simple integrated plan to co-ordinate the reduction and reycling of waste throughout London, thus eliminating the need for this monster site. She convinced me. I shall certainly be whole-heartedly supporting The Pinkham Way Alliance from now on."

Link to the Pinkham Way Alliance

First published in the EGP members' Newsletter. August 2011.

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ