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Enfield Green Party News Archive

June 1st 2014
Thank you from Enfield Green Party

We would like to thank everyone who voted Green in the local and European elections. With the collapse of one of our rivals and the sudden rise of another this was a hard election to call, and it turned out that your votes were crucial to getting Jean Lambert re-elected as our Green MEP for London - so extra thanks for that!

For the second local election in a row every one of you had a chance to vote Green, and you responded by doing so over 13,000 times. In the anachronistic first-past-the-post system that didn't result in any seats, but we are growing. We hope in a few years time to stand 3 candidates in every ward and to start to be able to represent you on Enfield council.

For the detailed results see the
Election Results page

Now onwards to the General Election in 2015!

April 10th 2014
Success for Liz!

Green Party member Liz Wright has been campaigning for 3 trees that were removed from Brownlow Road to be replaced. She has just heard from the council that there will in due course be no less than seven planted! Another example of Greens getting things done. Liz is our candidate for Enfield Highway ward.

March 27, 2014
Haringey Greens to hold public meeting on TTIP

No idea what TTIP is? Then come and find out - you will probably be appalled.

It is a dangerous new treaty is being negotiated between the EU and the USA. It's called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

It may make it impossible to re-nationalise any public service that's been sold off or contracted out - like the railways or bits of the NHS!

It will let companies sue governments about almost any policy that's against the company's interest.

It may threaten environmental regulations, safety rules, and workers' rights.

It's being talked through in secret. The European Commission promised a public consultation period in March - but nothing's been announced about that and March is nearly over.

Similar treaties have got some governments (e.g. Ecuador) big fines even for trying to get a company to pay its taxes properly.

Read the
flyer for the event (with details of speakers etc)...and the back page

March 11, 2014
Introducing our candidates for Winchmore Hill:

Jean Robertson-Molloy has been a Winchmore Hill resident for fifteen years and was the lead petitioner in the 20 mph campaign for Hoppers Road.
Jean says: "Let's make Winchmore Hill a place where children and older people can walk safely and happily. As a retired social worker I am interested in the welfare of the whole community. The recent festivals showed what Winchmore Hill can do. We can and will do more!".

Bill Linton has lived in Winchmore Hill ward for 35 years. Alongside his work for the Green Party he led the successful campaign to make Enfield a Fairtrade borough and is secretary of the local branch of the United Nations Association and Treasurer of the Enfield Palestine Solidarity group.
Bill says: "The other parties have lost the plot. Only a Green vote makes sense".

Alison Phillips has been a member of the Green Party for over 5 years and is the mother of 2 young boys who attend a local primary school. She volunteers at the school and at St Pauls Church.
Alison says: "My family moved here because it's a great place to live. The exciting things happening in N21 have been powered by local residents. We'll harness this talent and enthusiasm and work with local people, as well as working hard for them".

Other wards:
Bowes Trevor Doughty Jubilee Benjamin Maydon
& Geoffrey Kemball-Cook Lower Edmonton Richard Bray
Bush Hill Park Douglas Coker Palmers Green Nick Wall
Chase Kate McGeevor Ponders End Rod Goodyer
Cockfosters Joe Phillips Southbury Tom Duce
Edmonton Green Geri Saccomanno Southgate Peter Krakowiak
Enfield Highway Liz Wright Southgate Green Fred Clark
Enfield Lock David Greening & David Hughes
Grange Mark Fenton Town Andreea Malin
& Joy Winterbottom Turkey Street Liz Douglas
Haselbury Laura Davenport Upper Edmonton Richard Ainsworth
Highlands David Flint

Feb 9, 2014
Hoppers Road gets its 20 mph limit

The campaign we waged to have Hoppers Road and the roads between it and Green Lanes made into a 20 mph zone has finally come to fruition - sort of. The signs and speed humps currently being erected along Hoppers Road do not cover any of the surrounding streets, and we specifically did not want those speed humps. Local residents told us loud and clear that they supported 20 mph - as long as there were no speed humps. Unfortunately it is the council that makes the decisions on questions such as this and we have not yet persuaded them of the merits of sinusoidal humps.

All is not lost for the remaining streets - notably the two 'race tracks', Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue. The council should be starting soon a second consultation, based on how the limit on Hoppers Road has panned out, into how the remaining streets would feel about being included in a 20 mph limit. Our guess is that Frenleigh and Woodberry will be strongly in favour, with the other roads - where 20 is about all you can do anyway - will be more equivocal.

Watch this space.

October 2013
March against the cuts

On Saturday October 20th we will be joining the TUC and the Coalition of Resistance in a mass demonstration against the public spending cuts that are hitting the most vulnerable the hardest, the rich not at all, and are ruining the economy to boot.

For details see the
Coalition of Resistance website
or the TUC's

Details for when and where EGP members and supporters can meet up will be posted here nearer the time.

Going Ape again

The Go Ape facility in Trent Park is in the news again following the council's admission that their approval of the original planning application was flawed and the application will have to be re-considered from scratch.

Our understanding is that the flaw was an administrative error rather than a political blunder - though we are open to correction on that. Assuming that to be the case, our original
statement on the subject remains valid.

Greens present 700-signature petition on Hoppers Road 20 mph speed limit

Enfield Green Party have instigated a petition for a 20 mph limit on Hoppers Road and the streets between Hoppers Road and Green Lanes. It was handed in to Councillor Chris Bond on Thursday August 23rd with 700 signatures.

The case for a 20 mph limit was made in a
covering letter:

Greens stake claim to be third party in London

With the Green Party's Mayoral candidate, Jenny Jones, coming third in the race for City Hall, the Green Party third in the London-wide list vote, and Greens coming third in five of the 14 constituency elections - and very close in a couple more - we have staked a claim to have replaced the sorry Lib Dems as the third party in London.

In Enfield & Haringey Peter Krakowiak increased our share of the vote and ran the Lib Dem close for third place.

As usual we outperformed the opinion polls which had us in danger of losing our two Assembly seats. In the event the question was whether we would get a third. That was not to be, but we can look forward to 2016 with optimism.

Click here for the Enfield & Haringey result in detail

Grovelands Park Centenary

Enfield Green Party were represented at the weekend-long Grovelands Park Centenary celebrations - strangely the only party represented on the Saturday, though one of the others turned up belatedly on the Sunday. We got a very positive response from the passing public and had several good conversations about Green Party policies.

One of our stall's attractions was a (non-competitive) 'game' allowing punters to vote for the policy areas they would fund if they were in charge of the economy. Everyone got 3 votes, and the results are interesting even if they prove nothing - the 'voters' being self-selected and skewed towards those with a Green bent, as those without one mostly headed straight past us:

NHS:................................103 votes
Food sceurity:.....................39
Energy saving:.....................33
Military (excluding Trident):...2

Public Meeting on "Curbing the Car"

Enfield Green Party will host a public meeting on "Curbing the Car" on Thursday Feb 28th, 7.30 for 8, at the Friends Meeting House in Church Hill, Winchmore Hill.

Thie meeting will bring together our campaign for a 20 mph limit on Hoppers Road and the street between it and Green Lanes, and the council's own plans for a similar limit around Keble and St Paul's Primary Schools.

Speakers include:
  • Audrey Kirby of the Southgate District Civic Trust
  • Liam Mulrooney, Chief Traffic Engineer, Enfield Council
  • Caroline Russell, Chair of Islington Living Streets
You can download our
flyer here.

Natalie Bennett coming to Enfield

The Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, will be in Enfield next Monday (Oct 8th) for a public meeting at the Burford Centre, on the corner of Fox Lane and Burford Gardens, Palmers Green, starting at 7pm.

The meeting, organised by the Enfield Alliance Against the Cuts and the Coalition of Resistance (CoR), is to publicise the TUC/CoR demonstration on October 20th (see below).

Also speaking will be Olivier Vardakoullas of Greek opposition party Syriza, and Steve Turner of the Unite union.

This is a great opportunity to hear our new leader in action. But don't be late - she's likely to be on first before disappearing to another meeting!
No seats but lots of votes
Greens thank their voters

Thank you to the thousands of people across Enfield who voted Green Party in the Local and General elections.

Voters across Enfield took the opportunity of voting Green on May 6th, showing a strong commitment to the Green Party agenda of equality and environment. We trust that the new Labour administration will listen to this vote and present us with a truly progressive programme over the coming 4 years.

Across the borough we fielded candidates in every ward for the first time, and in all three Parliamentary constituencies, also for the first time. Over 16,000 of you took the chance to vote Green.

And the next general election may - who knows? - be fought with proportional representation. Where PR exists Greens get elected, see the London Assembly and the European Parliament.

But whether we will now be governed by the Liberal Conservatives or the Labour Democrats, the problems will remain. A change of government will not abolish climate change, bring discipline to the financial markets, reduce inequality or restore our communities. To achieve these goals - goals which almost every ordinary citizen wants - will require radical policies.

The Green Party has the policies the country needs and we will continue to make the case for real, transforming, change

Once again, a big Thank You to all those who voted for us.

Enfield Greens field record number of candidates

For the first time ever, the Green Party will be on the ballot paper in all three Enfield constituencies, as part of - another first - a full slate of Green candidates in London. Our candidates are:
Peter Krakowiak in Enfield Southgate
Jack Johnson in Edmonton
Bill Linton in Enfield North

It is the first time since 1984 we have stood in Enfield North.

In yet another first for us, there will also be at least one Green candidate in every ward in Enfield - 12 years after we managed just one.

Parliamentary candidate for Enfield North launched

Enfield Green Party's campaign in the Parliamentary constituency of Enfield North was launched on Monday. Candidate Bill Linton was supported by London's Green MEP, Jean Lambert in his bid to become an MP.

The theme of the campaign is the need for more jobs, particularly in the east of the constituency, and particularly focussing on 'green' jobs. With this in mind Bill chose to launch his campaign outside the abandoned Visteon factory, where dozens of jobs were lost a year ago, along with most of the workforce's pension rights - 'fairness' is another campaign theme.

Bill called for the Visteon site to become a hub for the insulation industry; "We could create hundreds of jobs here providing cavity-wall and loft insulation, and at the same time save Enfield residents money and cut CO2 emissions. Nearly 40% of London's CO2 emissions come from the domestic sector" said Bill

See the 'Photo Gallery' for pictures of the launch.

NB: Two days later Bill Linton and council candidate (in Winchmore Hill ward) Jean Robertson-Molloy joined Visteon workers in a protest march to Parliament demanding that Ford honour their promises on pensions.

Greens enjoy increased vote share

Enfield Greens are basking in the results of the election for the European Parliament, which saw their share of the vote in London rise dramatically from 8.4% to 10.9%, while the local result was 8.9%.

Green MEP Jean Lambert was safely re-elected, improving from 8th place (of 9 elected) to 5th (of 8).

Bill Linton, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield North remarked: "It's a great platform for the coming General Election whenever the Prime Minister decides to call it, and also bodes well for our prospects in next year's council elections".

Enfield Green Party would like to thank all those who voted for us on June 4th.

For the result of the Jubilee by-election see the Election Results page.

Jubilee Park By-Election, February 12th

Douglas Coker will be the Enfield Green Party candidate for the vote being held following the death of Cllr Chris Andrew.

For more details of the campaign click here.

For the result of the Bush Hill Park by-election see the Election Results page.

Bush Hill Park By-Election, January 8th

Jack Johnson will be the Enfield Green Party candidate for the vote, which is being held following the death of the incumbent Enfield Borough Councillor John Jackson.

For more details of the campaign click here.
Thanks to all those who entered the Russell Road event competition. The question was, 'If we took all of Enfield's domestic carbon dioxide emissions (2003) and filled party balloons with it how many party balloons would we fill?'

The answer is 577,100. Caroline Simpson won with an answer of 850,500

A party balloon contains about 10g of CO2 and Enfield households produce 5,771kg of CO2 a year.

So 5,771 kg x 1000 gives 5,771,000 g per year which divided by 10 gives 577,100 balloons.

See you all at next years event.

Enfield Greens march against Trident, and for Chase Farm

Members of Enfield Green Party joined up to 100,000 others on the Stop the War, Stop Trident march from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square on Saturday February 24th, and a week later were again out in force protesting against the proposed cuts to Chase Farm Hospital accident and emergency services and maternity services. That one was smaller, but not much! Pre-march estimates of 10,000 looked about right. Our distinctive green banner was carried at both marches.

Enfield Green Party respond to the council's initiative on "The Greening of Enfield"

The council recently published a consultation document indicating that they had 'got' the threat that global warming poses and want to do their bit in tackling it. We welcome their initiative, and have responded with constructive criticism and suggestions.

Even in Turkey Street, some people want to vote Green

Turkey Street ward is not natural Green Party territory, as was shown by the result of the by-election on August 10th. Even here, though, we found a few hardy souls who greeted us on the doorstep with glad cries, and then went out and voted for us. Not enough to lift us out of last place, however. See the results page for the outcome, which saw the Tories scrape home by just 3 votes.

Turkey Street by-election gives Greens a chance to introduce themselves

A by-election has been called in the Turkey Street ward, just two months after the main council elections in May. The vacancy has been caused by the surprise resignation of new Tory councillor Margaret Holt. There is a suspicion that she has been talked into it by the Tory high command in order to create a vacancy for former Cabinet member Matthew Laban to return to the fray after losing his Chase ward seat to Save Chase Farm.

The by-election gives Enfield Green Party a chance to introduce ourselves to the voters of Turkey Street, where we have not stood before. Our candidate will be Bill Linton, one of the trio who pressed Labour so hard in Bowes in May.
Bill Linton is 59 and a retired computer consultant. He has lived in Enfield for the last 27 years and been an active member of Enfield Green Party for the past 4 years. He is currently Treasurer and webmaster.

A vocal defender of asylum-seekers, he wants to see the council working together with residents to reduce inequalities and friction, and to make Enfield a pleasanter place to live.
The council could do much more to encourage recycling, for instance by providing facilities for blocks of flats, and to discourage unnecessary packaging and so cut down the amount that each of us throws away.
The council could and should also do much more to combat the serious threat of climate change, by encouraging the use of solar panels and wind turbines, using them itself on council buildings, tightening building regulations etc.

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ