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Comment - Local Stuff

Elections 2014! by Bill Linton

Though Christmas/Yule/Mammonfest is nearly here we're looking ahead to next year's elections. On May 22nd next year we face European and local elections. We'll be concentrating our campaigning on the Euros, as that's where we can - and should - win (or rather retain) Jean Lambert's seat.

And we need your help.

Your party needs you!

First we need everyone who can to help with leafleting and possibly canvassing for our candidates. We need to keep Jean Lambert in the European Parliament, especially now that UKIP is threatening the Tories and the Tories are showing their true colours - blue with a border of white racism. We'll be asking for specific help in the new year.

But the locals are also important, and we're going to need candidates. There are 21 wards in Enfield, each returning 3 councillors, so ideally we'd stand 63 candidates. In 2010 we stood 23, a candidate in every ward, with 3 in our target ward; there are more of us now, so we ought to be able to improve on that.

Standing candidates is important because:

  • It gives everyone in Enfield the chance to get the voting Green habit
  • It makes us look like a serious party (or rather, the failure to stand candidates makes us look un-serious!)
  • The number of candidates nationwide determines whether or not we get an election broadcast
  • It gets us coverage in the local papers
  • The more votes we get, the more other parties are encouraged to implement Green policies - even if they water them down.
Except in Winchmore Hill where, following our successful 20mph campaigning work, we will stand three candidates, all our candidates will be 'paper candidates', i.e. we will do no canvassing or leafleting in those wards.

So what does a paper candidate have to do?

The main task is to gather the signatures of ten people in the ward you are standing in who 'assent' to your candidature. Most of you will be able to stand in the ward in which you live (and hence get to vote for yourself! How cool is that?) and should be able to get 10 signatures from your immediate neighbours, friends and other EGP members. There are currently 6 wards, though, where we have no members, so the candidates there will need to knock on doors to gather signatures. It's not as bad as it sounds, as most people sign quite happily once they are assured that they aren't committing themselves to anything (not even voting for you!) and you can take a friend or EGP colleague with you for moral support, or even to do the talking. Apart from that, there are a few forms to sign, which our Election Agents will fill in - and that's it! Turning up for the count is fun in a tedious sort of way, but not obligatory.

What don't you have to do?

We have, alas, no chance of winning any seats with paper candidates, so there's no risk of ending up as a councillor. If you want to end up as a councillor, you should probably be standing in our target ward! You won't have to do any hustings (unless you want to, and probably not even then).

Someone will phone you about this but feel free to volunteer now!

First published in the EGP members newsletter, December 2013

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ