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Comment - Local Stuff

After the Election by David Flint

Peter addresses the UNA Hustings.

So, Labour up, Tories down, LibDem vote collapsed, BNP routed, Jenny placed third for Mayor. Could be worse. But it could be better.

Nationally and in London the Green vote was pretty much unchanged. Our new third place in the mayoral, party and in five London Assembly constituency votes was due to the LDs getting much less, not us getting more. Despite the recession, the threat of worse if the Euro goes pear-shaped, appalling Coalition policies, Leveson's revelations about Labour and the Tories, a directionless Labour-party, new growth in carbon emissions and ... have I forgotten anything? CEO pay perhaps?

In fact it hardly matters. The facts ought to persuade everyone that the global economic and political system is broken. It has failed even in its own terms. Its promise - under Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown - was that it would deliver prosperity. It never promised fairness and, sure enough, it didn't deliver fairness. But it was supposed to make us richer. And it didn't.

People do know this but they have reacted by saying "a plague on all your houses". They know the system has failed them but they don't believe that we would do better. Our job in the coming months is to show them that:

  • There is a common cause for recession, austerity, inequality, trigger-happy police and threats to hospitals and the green belt. It is not one man, one party or one institution but a global corporate sector that is too big and too irresponsible.
  • The system has gone beyond the control of democratic - or any other - government.
  • The solution lies in fundamental reform - true transformation - in both institutions and values.
It is daunting but we are playing for the ultimate prize - a world in which our children and grandchildren can flourish without fear. That is surely worth great effort from all of us.

First published in the EGP members newsletter, June 2012

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ