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Comment - Miscellaneous

News from Conference by David Flint.

In its formal sessions conference changed the constitution to require us to elect two Deputy Leaders, one of each sex. There were good speeches from Caroline and Natalie.

One of the most interesting fringes was Tom Chance's session on Green Political Philosophy. At the start Prof. Andrew Dobson said that the two unique features of Green political philosophy were that it ascribes inherent value to nature and recognises the limits to growth. A good open discussion followed and although some familiar hobby-horses were given a gallop there was a real sense - not always present at other times - of people LISTENING to one another.

The Trade Unions were in our thoughts several times. We were excited to learn that Brighton and Hove branch of the RMT has decided to back Caroline's re-election campaign. That's a very significant development and opens the way for other local parties to collaborate with their local RMT branches. Probably because of this we created a new executive position - TU liaison officer. Less attractive was the legacy of Brighton and Hove Council's pay dispute with the GMB. The dispute is now settled but some bad feeling remains.

As always, conference adopted new policies. The most interesting may be the monetary reform policy which commits the party to nationalizing control of the money supply (most money is currently created by banks).

Housing: Speakers at the Housing fringe meeting told us that:

  • Bad news: Housing is unaffordable for many people in all of London and much of the rest of England.
  • More bad news: The energy embedded in new houses makes it impossible to meet both housing need and our emissions reductions targets.
  • Good news: Some builders can produce super-low energy passivhaus buildings more cheaply than conventional.

First published in the EGP members newsletter, October 2013

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ