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Comment - Miscellaneous

Outside View by Neal Lawson, chairman of Compass
The Greens are a sunny delight. Brimming with hope, ideas and democracy, they have answers to the problems of the poor getting poorer and the planet burning - but they have absolutely no strategy for doing anything about it. They have won in one place - Brighton - the only four-way marginal on the planet they love so much. But the planet's temperature is rising faster than Green Party representation in the political system. I know it's the voting system. But please, my Green friends, stop doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome. You're not idiots after all.

That's a little harsh, Neal, but watch this space. We do have a new strategy - we're just not telling YOU what it is yet.

First published in the EGP members newsletter, October 2012

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ