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Comment - Miscellaneous

Popular Policies by David Flint.

Some of us remember that during the 2010 elections the Vote for Policies website found that more people preferred GP policies than preferred the policies of any other major UK party
(or UKIP or the BNP). The ranking remains interesting even after 3 years:

Voter preferences for policies (as in October 2013):
Green      24.3%
Labour    20.3%
LibDems 17.4%
Tories     15.3%
UKIP     12.3%
BNP       10.5%

I could go on to deplore an electoral system in which the party whose policies are best liked gets only a single MP but I guess we all know that bit. Instead I want to look at which of our policies were most liked:
Rank LeadLag
Crime129.6%  11
Environment129.0%   8
Health/NHS123.7% 0.2
Democracy224.2%   8
Economy220.2%   7
Europe418.2%   3
Welfare218.4% 10
Immigration317.0%   6

Now our rankings on Education, Health, Environment and Democracy are unsurprising, the Party cares deeply about these areas and has worked hard on them. Still, our lead on Education policy is spectacular - the highest lead in any category - and I'm surprised that Environment is not our strongest area.

On the other hand the popularity of our Crime policy does surprise me. It shows that there is more support for policies that are not set by the Police lobbies and fear of tabloid headlines. I think we should make more of our crime policies which are humane, evidence-based and which would provide many benefits to our communities.

Our strong showing on Economy is encouraging and the relative weakness of immigration policy unsurprising.

The other stand-out policy area is Europe.

Bottom line: We have policies that are popular as well as wise. We just need to show people that we can win and, having won, can govern.

First published in the EGP members newsletter, October 2013

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ