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Comment - Miscellaneous

The comments that don't fit anywhere else

Without comment - by David Flint
[This item is added to from time to time, so worth returning to]

'Murdering scumbags' - by David Flint

Being an agent - by Bill Linton

Spring Conference - by Joy Winterbottom

Supermarkets - by David Flint

Training Day - by Tom Duce and Jean Robertson-Molloy

Green Technology - by David Flint

Greens and health - by David Flint

Grooming for obesity - by Jean Robertson-Molloy

Brighton & Hove - by David Flint

News from Conference - by David Flint

Popular policies - by David Flint

Knowing ourselves: The Core of Green Political Philosophy - by David Flint

The people want Natalie! - by David Flint

Green soldiers? - by David Flint

Outside view - by Neal Lawson, chairman of Compass

Do we need the Royals? - by Jean Robertson-Molloy

It's election year - again! - by David Flint

Breaking the grey party consensus - by David Flint

No politics in the House! - by Bill Linton

Political leadership - by David Flint

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