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Press coverage

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Press releases:

Pinkham Way: Greens to hold public meeting to find alternatives

Enfield, Haringey and Barnet Green parties are to hold a public meeting on the contentious issue of the Pinkham Way waste plant.

Speakers will include:
Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member, who recently met with residents and activists at the proposed site
Quentin Given, co-ordinator of the local Friends of the Earth group
Colin Parish, founder of the Pinkham Way Alliance

The planned plant will cater for waste from the 3 boroughs, expanding to 7 boroughs later and will destroy a Grade 1 conservation site which shelters rare plants and bats. This piece of wild land is a buffer for residents from the pollution spewed out by heavy traffic on the North Circular and is in effect the lungs of the area. The plant will take away this buffer and instead add to traffic emissions and probably even worse emissions from the Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) methods it will use.

Darren Johnson has commented, “While it is vital that we have new facilities in London to deal with waste, I do not believe that huge facilities of this size or type are the way forward or appropriate in congested urban areas. The North London Waste Authority should be putting far more emphasis on encouraging collection of doorstep recycling and food waste, rather than concentrating on large new plant for unsorted black bin waste such as this.”

Peter Krakowiak of Enfield Green Party adds, “Ideally, each borough should have their own small waste management centres, to cut transportation distances and so also traffic emissions. It will take a huge cultural transformation in the way we package items to have a truly sustainable waste policy.”

The meeting will take place on Thursday 21st July, 7.30pm at Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, N10. All are welcome


Government Budget does little to help the people of Enfield, says Greens

New Labour have failed to “provide upwards of half a million jobs”

Enfield Green Party has today attacked the Chancellor’s budget for failing to spend money on jobs, housing and public transport.

Douglas Coker, Enfield Green Party Chair, said: "Alistair Darling has come up with a mere £1.4bn to spend on green measures. We need something like £30bn invested to create a new green economy and provide upwards of half a million jobs.

“The Chancellor wants to build more houses, but why not just refurbish existing empty homes with energy efficiency in mind? Homeless families want to live in decent, cheap to heat accommodation. Whole streets could be surveyed with a view to installing energy saving measures and this could be the start of a Borough wide programme.

“We are also concerned about the car scrappage scheme. Properly looked after, cars can last much longer than 10 years, and there is nothing to stop motorists from using the £2000 to move from a small car to a gas guzzler. The money would be much better directed to improvements in public transport.”


Green Party urges Enfield Council to turn out their lights for Earth Hour (1) to prove their green credentials

Enfield Council needs to show that they are "addressing the causes and adapting to the impacts of climate change"

Enfield Green Party today urges Enfield Council to join millions of people on March 28 and turn out their lights for an hour from 8.30pm.

Douglas Coker, Enfield Green Party Chair, said: "Enfield Council say that their strategic objective is to become an 'exemplary, sustainable borough by addressing the causes and adapting to the impacts of climate change'(2). Therefore they should switch off and become part of the world's biggest ever action against climate change.

"If the Council switches off for Earth Hour they would be joining 1,500 cities and towns from more than 80 countries, including London, Cardiff, Belfast, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

"This action will help persuade global leaders negotiating in December at the UN Climate summit in Copenhagen that they need to take strong steps to tackle climate change."


(1) WWF's EarthHour, on March 28 between 8.30pm-9.30pm, seeks to send a signal to global leaders that they need to take urgent action to tackle climate change. See http://tinyurl.com/cz86n3 for more details

(2) See Enfield Council's Core Strategy Preferred Options Report (February 2008): http://tinyurl.com/c7vlvx


Let's make Jubilee Ward safer and greener, says Green by-election candidate (1)

The area needs "more facilities for young people and a higher police presence".

Enfield Green Party has launched its Jubilee Ward by-election campaign today, pledging to deal with crime and rising energy costs.

Douglas Coker (2), Green Party candidate for Jubilee Ward, said: "Crime is a worry, so I'd like to see more facilities for young people and a higher police presence. We also need to work to help young people respect themselves and others more.

"I'm sure Jubilee residents will be concerned about rising gas and electricity bills and, of course, we all need to reduce our carbon emissions to help deal with climate change. The council should help co-ordinate and pay for insulating homes as an urgent measure.

"I'd also like to see the installation of solar panels and other devices to make more use of renewable energy. This is part of the Green Party's Green New Deal that will also create 'green collar' jobs."


(1)  Following the passing of Cllr Chris Andrew, the Jubilee Ward by-election is to be held on February 12 2009.
(2)  Images of Douglas Coker are available on request.

Bush Hill Park deserves safer neighbourhoods and cheaper energy bills, says Green by-election candidate (1)

Policing needs to be "around the clock, not just certain points in the day"

Enfield Green Party has launched its Bush Hill Park by-election campaign today, pledging to deal with anti-social behaviour and rising energy costs.

Jack Johnson (2), Green Party candidate for Bush Hill Park, said: "In Bury Park Lodge residents are concerned about young people loitering and engaging in arson and graffiti.

"I want to see effective community policing with safer neighbourhood teams on duty around the clock, not just certain points in the day. Enfield Green Party will also push to open more police stations, with more police on the beat.

"Enfield Green Party also wants to reduce the cost of rising energy bills by insulating every property for free, cutting fuel bills in the average home by up to half." Further information, interviews:


(1)  Following the passing of Cllr John Jackson, the Bush Hill Park ward by-election is to be held on January 8th 2009
(2)   An image of Jack Johnson outside Bush Hill Park Railway Station can be downloaded here. Other images of Jack are available on request.
(3)   The leaflet for the campaign can be downloaded here.

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