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Comment - the Summer 2011 Riots

(Originally published in Green Griffin)

Millions of words, thousands of thefts, many assaults, five deaths.

You have read many of those words and seen hours of film. If you are like me you have been amazed and appalled by turns. But not entirely surprised.

The time for a full analysis will come but not yet. There are, so far, too few facts and too many commentators riding their favourite hobbyhorses across the papers and the airwaves.

In this issue we give some initial reactions from Green Party members:

The need for localism - by Peter Krakowiak

What caused the English riots? - by Bill Linton

What next? - by David Flint

Jenny Jones Speaks - by Jenny Jones

We also report on two meetings held later:
Two riots, two meetings, two boroughs - by David Flint

A statement by Caroline Lucas and Jenny Jones appeared on Comment is Free on 22nd August.

A year on, Owen Jones analyses the causes of the riots in four hard-hitting articles in the Independent:
Part I,
Monday 23-7-12.
Part II, Why Hackney is still a tinderbox
Tuesday, 24-7-12.
Part III, Birmingham's fight to escape a summer of violence
Wednesday, 25-7-12.
Part IV, 'We're not feral youths. We're just fighting to be heard'
Thursday, 26-7-12.

...and a former gang member puts his point of view in a powerful open letter to the rest of us
'I was a lost gang member - but no one helped me find my way'
Tuesday, 7-8-12.

And finally (we hope), a motion proposed by David Flint and passed by the Green Party Conference in September 2011

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ