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Book Sales and Loans

Books offered for sale or loan by EGP members. Contact the member direct to arrange collection.
Title Author Brief Description Price Offered by
The Age of Stupid (DVD) Film looking back from 2050 at the failure to tackle global warming Loan Douglas Coker
Woodstock - the Director's Cut (DVD) The 1960s concert Loan Douglas Coker
The Spirit Level Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett Showing that inequality is bad for everyone Loan Bill Linton
Six Degrees Mark Lynas What we can expect as the
global temperature rises
Loan or sale £5 Bill Linton
Green Alternatives to Globalisation Michael Woodin & Caroline Lucas Challenges the inevitability of
globalisation, and its supposed benefits for the poor
Loan Bill Linton
Prosperity Without Growth Tin Jackson Economic growth cannot continue forever. Tackles the difficult problem of how to get to a sustainable economics Loan Bill Linton
Happiness Richard Layard How to be happy - and how little it has to do with money Loan Bill Linton
The Shock Doctine Naomi Klein How the NeoCons exploit - and induce - disasters to advance their agenda Loan Bill Linton
Creating a World Without Poverty Muhammad Yunus How micro-finance benefits the poor, and creating social enterprises Loan Bill Linton
America's Back Yard Grace Livingstone How the USA has consistently opposed democracy in Latin America Loan Bill Linton
Hegemony or Survival Noan Chomsky America's quest for global dominance Loan Bill Linton
23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism Ha-Joon Chang What it says on the tin. Wriiten by a capitalist. Loan Bill Linton
Collapse Jared Diamond How societies choose to fail or survive Loan Bill Linton
Ill Fares the Land Tony Judt How the pursuit of wealth has eroded the values of society Loan Bill Linton
The Equality Illusion Kat Banyard The truth about women and men today Loan Bill Linton
Kyoto 2 Oliver Tickell How to manage the global greenhouse Loan Bill Linton
Toxic Sludge is Good For You! John Strauber & Sheldon Rampton The methods and objectives of corporate public relations. Loan Bill Linton

Published and promoted by Bill Linton for Enfield Green Party, both at 39A Fox Lane, London N13 4AJ