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Video/audio (older videos)

Caroline Lucas' speech to the 2012 Spring Conference, part 1

...and part 2

A campaign song for the fight against the Health and Social Care Bill

David Flint is interviewed by Lorraine Skinner about recycling in Enfield

There are more interviews from other boroughs on Lorraine's YouTube page

Jenny Jones launches Fair Pay campaign for London, Oct 2011

Caroline Lucas speech to Conference, Sept 2011

Darren Johnson on the DSEI arms fair in London, Sept 2011

The Circular Economy
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation on Re-Thinking Progress

Caroline Lucas on what to cut, and what not to

What do you want your local councillor to fight for?

Darren Johnson AM on London's home insulation plans

Green Party Political Broadcast 2010

Green Party Personalised Election Broadcast 2010

Green Party 'The Political Slot' broadcast 2010>

Green Party Political Broadcast 2009

Stop climate change, switch to green power!

Green Party Political Broadcast 2008

Jean Lambert - London's Green MEP

Greens making Paris and London better for cyclists

Renewable energy at home campaign launch

Affordable, green housing campaign launch

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