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Enfield Council by-elections May 2021 - Green candidates

Jubilee ward

Bill Linton

Bill Linton photo

After graduating from Oxford with a BA in Maths I got in on the ground floor of commercial computing and had a successful career as a freelance analyst/programmer, though I have been retired for several years now. I have lived in Palmers Green for over 40 years.

I have been a member of the Green Party for more than 30 years, and an active one for almost 20. Currently I am both Treasurer and Election Agent. I also hold active roles in Enfield & The Barnets United Nations Association, the Enfield Fairtrade Campaign (which I chaired when we achieved Fairtrade Borough status for Enfield in 2008, and do again) and Enfield Palestine Solidarity. I support various other social and environmental justice causes.

I also play both chess and bridge seriously – though currently online only.

Southbury ward

Luke Balnave

luke balnave

I work as a data manager at a local secondary school and grew up in Enfield. I like to keep active and play tennis at a local club and football for a local vets team on Enfield Playing Fields. I have two daughters and want to help create a bright future for them. Two-party politics no longer works for Enfield. It is time for a new breed of plural engagement where voices are heard.

I am standing as I want to deliver a sustainable and prosperous future for Enfield and its next generation. I intend to be a robust independent force for scrutiny and accountability that rebuilds faith in local governance. I want to see Enfield re-emerge as a place where the community and council work hand-in-hand to deliver on those things that will most enhance the lives of its residents.

I will be relentless in facilitating a fresh start for the local economy, where sustainable local businesses are prioritised and where green industries are allowed to thrive and create the next generation of employment opportunities for our young people.

I am committed to ensuring our amazing green spaces, that have proved their worth ten-fold in recent times, are fully protected and remain under full council control. A commercial entity has no place in the wider day-to-day usage of such critical sources of community wellbeing. I personally volunteer at Bush Hill Park and I know the difference a truly community-centric, well-run park can make to people’s daily lives. I will vehemently oppose the longterm leasing of Whitewebbs Park in any form

I stand resolutely behind existing local residents who feel rightly threatened by crudely conceived skyscrapers being proposed on their doorstep. These need to work for existing residents first.

I will ensure that pollution and health issues are placed as the top priority where health equity is critical in delivering just outcomes for all Enfield residents. We will clean up our most polluted areas to create a safeguarded environment for future generations. I will proactively support measures that empower local action on climate change and enable Enfield to act now for our younger residents.

Enfield is rich in diversity and the community bonds that are built here. It has so many positive aspects that make Enfield a great place to live and work. I will ensure these traditions are built on to revive stewardship towards a bright future for our borough. We have a critical opportunity now to secure a sustainable footing in how we rebuild our local economy and how local government and residents can more effectively work together. Let’s not waste this chance.

Want Green. Vote Green.

Chase ward

Lynne Davies

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