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Our candidates for the General Election


Benjamin Maydon

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Vote Benjamin Maydon for action on climate change, social justice, public services, homes to buy or rent with low energy bills, free public transport, fair work and pay.

Vote Green for our planet. We face a real challenge to prevent climate catastrophe. Greens will act now before it is too late.

Vote Green for clean air by reducing toxic pollution from the A10, A406 and Edmonton Incinerator. These cause major health problems for local people that need to be challenged by a strong Green voice.

Vote Green to tackle the causes of knife and gun crime in Edmonton, most of which is drug-related. I will make harm reduction, not incarceration, the aim of drugs policy.

Vote Green for social justice with policies such as universal basic income and a four-day working week.

Twitter: @benjithegreen

Enfield North

Isobel Whittaker

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Former legal aid lawyer and dedicated environmental and disability campaigner, Isobel has been in the Green Party for five years. The Greens put your health and the health of the planet at the heart of decision making. 

Vote Green Party for science fact not science fiction: We face a challenge to prevent climate catastrophe. Only the Greens have real answers to put into action now before it’s too late. Energy which doesn’t cost the Earth, clean air, protecting our food supply and green spaces whilst keeping free local healthcare and reliable public transport. 

Vote Green Party for Justice: We live in exciting times and the Greens will pass the benefits of technological advances back to ordinary people, with policies such as actually affordable housing, universal basic income and the four day work week.


Enfield Southgate

Luke Balnave

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We need a new approach to politics that prioritises people and planet over pander and proft. Greens offer just this choice.

I grew up in Enfeld and now live and work here. I am a passionate localist and environmentalist. I work in education, have two daughters and stand to secure a future of opportunity for the next generation.

If elected I will oppose anything that threatens this future: from air pollution produced by ring roads and new incinerators, to the threat of climate change.

I will champion fair funding for local schools; make the case for better local transport, and support local businesses with innovative green technologies. I will also seek to defend and enhance our fantastic green spaces that make Enfeld Southgate a healthy and happy place to live.

Greens have the right ideas to deliver a better future for all. Secure this future now.


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