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Thousands of Enfield families live in homes that are too small for them.

  • Enfield has one of the highest rates of overcrowding in the country.
  • The council's core strategy, adoped in 2010, correctly identifies the need for family homes, but Labour has not delivered them
    • Enfield has not built enough affordable family homes and has built far too many smaller flats.
    • The target for homes with 3+ bedrooms was missed by 2,638 homes.
    • The target for social rent homes was missed by 991 homes.
    • The target for 1-2 bedroom homes was exceeded by 1,507 homes

Because there are too few family homes, rents have been rising

  • Affordable properties to rent with 3+ bedrooms in Enfield are relatively scarce.
  • The cost of renting 3-bedroom homes has risen much faster in Enfield than in other outer London
  • The cost of renting a 3-bedroom home in Enfield has risen much faster than the cost of renting a 1-
    bedroom home.

The rising cost of 3+ bedroom homes is pricing out local families.

  • Many Enfield families are living in homes that are too small for them.
  • Some families move away from the area in search of affordable family housing, which can mean leaving
    support networks, changing schools and longer commutes.
  • Family finances are pushed to breaking point, which can lead to eviction and force families into emergency temporary accommodation.

By missing opportunities for family homes on brownfield sites, the council is jeopardising the Green Belt

  • New developments at Chase Farm, Colosseum Retail Park and Meridian Water have too few family-sized affordable homes
  • Land at Meridian Water belongs to the council - they are missing a chance to build family homes on their own land!
  • If building family homes is put off too long, they may have to be built on precious Green Belt land.