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nox reduction in waltham forestOne of the many figures in the report showing the expected improvements in air quality resulting from the Mini Holland schemesA new study by Kings College* vindicates the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland scheme, notably the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

The study shows that residents of Waltham Forest will gain an average of one month of life from the Mini-Holland and related works in the borough. That leaves a reduced life expectancy of 6 to 10 months from the remaining air pollution which needs to be addressed by more local works, extending the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to the whole of London, phasing out of diesel and a general reduction in road traffic.

In short, it needs a Green transport policy at local, London and national level.

* Air Quality: concentrations, exposure and attitudes in Waltham Forest. Kings College, 2018.