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The Campaign Against Climate Change has organised a second protest outside the International Maritime Organisation meeting, on Tuesday morning (10th April).  Read their message below.

The carbon footprint of international shipping is an issue that goes under most climate campaigners' radars, but right now it's the biggest show in town. The International Maritime Organization, the UN body which regulates shipping, is holding talks in London to decide on their strategy to cut emissions. While some nations are pushing for a plan in line with the Paris climate agreement, other options on the table are nowhere near the ambition needed.

(Calling Londoners) We're looking for as many people as possible to join a protest outside the talks on Tuesday morning - information on our website and on Facebook Please join and invite friends! 

If you'd like to read more about what's at stake in the talks (if shipping were a country it would be the sixth biggest polluter), and the mutky world where 75% of ships are registered under flags of convenience, where journalists can be banned from the IMO from reporting who said what, here's a beginner's guide.

If you'd like to see pictures and the campaign video from the earlier protest which took place on the first morning check here. Campaign against Climate Change came along as supporters with placards, while 'ship stewards' gave delegates boarding cards for the Good Ship Paris... and urged them not to sink it! A representative from the Marshall Islands thanked us all for being there and said it was the first time he'd seen protesters outside IMO negotiations.

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