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202110 southgate ward forum

Hear updates on local issues and have your say.

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Enfield Green Party welcomes Cllr Anne Brown

Cllr Charith Gunarwardena welcoming Cllr Anne Brown to the Green Party outside Southgate libraryCllr Charith Gunarwardena welcoming Cllr Anne Brown to the Green Party outside Southgate Library

Enfield Green Party welcomed its second councillor on 22nd September, when during the full council meeting Cllr Anne Brown announced that she had become a member. She represents Southgate Green and joins Cllr Charith Gunawardena, from neighbouring Southgate ward, who announced his move to the Greens in May.

In the speech during which she announced her change of political home, Cllr Brown laid the blame for inadequate council services and failure to properly address environmental issues on both the big parties:

"I would just like to remind the main opposition that it’s the draconian cuts made by the Conservative government over many years that have led to difficulties in providing any number of services to the level which residents deserve.

"That said, issues around consultation and engagement with the public generally should be given much higher priority by the current administration in Enfield.

"Neither of the two main parties has adequately addressed the major environmental challenges and it is time for a fresh approach to public services and particularly to environmental issues."



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60-second survey: Traffic congestion in Southgate

Councillor Charith Gunawardena and Enfield Green Party are conducting a survey of local residents' views to help us find solutions to the problem of Southgate traffic congestion. Please help us by downloading the survey and filling it in (it should take about a minute).

Click here to fill in the survey


Lend a hand at our monthly litter picks

Enfield Greens have a long-term goal of improving the area around the tube station. We're planning to have a series of litter picks on the following dates:

  • Sunday 21st November
  • Sunday 19th December

All from 2.00pm to 3.30pm, meeting at Love Brownies Café, Station Parade N14 5BJ

Please come and join us!

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National Green Party Policies

The Green Party website has complete information about the Party's policies on a comprehensive range of subjects.

Enfield Green Party Policies

Solving the housing problem

  The Green Party is the only party who believe that every person, in this and future generations, should be entitled to basic material security as of right. For people who fall on hard times, we believe the right to rent = people facing difficulties...

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Building sustainable housing

Buildings last a long time. Many of us live in houses built well over 100 years ago. Many public buildings – eg schools, libraries, railway stations – have also existed for many decades. When we build today we are building for the future; so we...

Read more: Building sustainable housing

Greens will restore London's lost youth services

Green Assembly Member Sian Berry has succeeded in starting to reverse the shocking cuts in funding of youth services in London Research carried out by Green London Assembly member Sian Berry has revealed the shocking amount by which youth services in...

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Environment at the heart of Green policies

Enfield Green Party has been  surveying residents to find out what you think of local services. We know litter, fly-tipping and waste collections are a priority. We will improve waste services to make it easier for people to recycle, particularly in flats and...

Read more: Environment at the heart of...

Safer streets for young people

Protecting youth services that reduce knife crime Sharp decreases in funding for youth services have been accompanied by increased occurrence of knife crimeBetween 2012 and 2017, council funding for youth services has been cut by 60% in Enfield,...

Read more: Safer streets for young people

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