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A Green Mayor for London!


London has been through a lot in the last 12 months. From the pandemic to Brexit. We need a new plan. A fresh start for London.

The election for Mayor is one of the most high profile elections this year. It's our collective opportunity to demand action on the climate emergency. To elect new Green leadership.

Greens are already making a difference at City Hall. In the London Assembly I’ve been working hard to tackle a big rise in youth homelessness and to win backing for a universal basic income for Londoners, to provide a secure safety net.

Green ideas are winning and only a Green mayor will act with the urgency these extraordinary times demand. 

Your money will help us reach more Londoners than ever before

There’s three key ways your donations will be used for this campaign.

The money raised will pay for our presence in the election booklet delivered to every Londoner. We need £10,000 to help us reach over eight million Londoners.

We need to raise £5,000 to pay for leaflets delivered in a coronavirus-safe way. We’ve already delivered one million leaflets. We want to deliver one million more. That’s how we win over voters.

Finally, we’ll be using social media to engage as many voters as possible. Your donations mean we can compete with the other parties who are already paying for this kind of advertising. £5,000 will help us reach our target audiences.

These are the tactics we need to give our campaign wings. To build on the record level of support in the polls we are already achieving.

Visit Sian Berry's Crowdfunder page

Elect Jarelle Francis


Hello - I’m Jarelle Francis and I am running to be your representative for Enfield and Haringey on the London Assembly

Elections for the London Assembly are different to typical elections. They’re fair elections - elected by Proportional Representation

If you use your votes for the Green Party you will get Green representation.

Greens have a great record of delivering on the London Assembly. From getting the Mayor to declare a Climate Emergency to winning £45 million worth of funding for youth clubs. 

Sian and Caroline get stuff done - and we can get more Greens in the Assembly!

We just need your support and hopefully your donations. Because we’re committed to using our platform in the Assembly to demand real change.

We’ll fight for action on the climate emergency so we can create the greenest city in the world.

We have a clear plan to keep London moving. We’ll move past polluting cars and invest in the future of travel - public transport, walking and cycling.

And we’ll bring fresh thinking to housing. So no one is struggling to put a roof over their head.

Every donation to this Crowdfunder is about reaching voters locally. In Enfield and Haringey we need to reach and win over as many residents as possible. Your donation will help us reach Londoners on social media, via the post and over the phone. 

We can’t rely on billionaires and corporate donors like the other parties. We are a grassroots movement. And your donations can help get our message through and win the support we need. 

Thank you so much.

Visit Jarelle's Crowdfunder page

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National Green Party Policies

The Green Party website has complete information about the Party's policies on a comprehensive range of subjects.

Enfield Green Party Policies

Solving the housing problem

  The Green Party is the only party who believe that every person, in this and future generations, should be entitled to basic material security as of right. For people who fall on hard times, we believe the right to rent = people facing difficulties...

Read more: Solving the housing problem

Building sustainable housing

Buildings last a long time. Many of us live in houses built well over 100 years ago. Many public buildings – eg schools, libraries, railway stations – have also existed for many decades. When we build today we are building for the future; so we...

Read more: Building sustainable housing

Greens will restore London's lost youth services

Green Assembly Member Sian Berry has succeeded in starting to reverse the shocking cuts in funding of youth services in London Research carried out by Green London Assembly member Sian Berry has revealed the shocking amount by which youth services in...

Read more: Greens will restore London's...

Let's have quieter, safer streets, say Enfield Greens

Text of an Enfield Green Party press release issued on 29 April 2018 Our streets were laid out to serve people on foot, cyclists and a few motor vehicles. But today the vehicles dominate residential streets. Cars in motion or idling pollute our air...

Read more: Let's have quieter, safer...

Environment at the heart of Green policies

Enfield Green Party has been  surveying residents to find out what you think of local services. We know litter, fly-tipping and waste collections are a priority. We will improve waste services to make it easier for people to recycle, particularly in flats and...

Read more: Environment at the heart of...

Enfield Greens endorse the Better Streets for Enfield pledges

Enfield Green Party is delighted to confirm that we wholeheartedly endorse and support the Better Streets for Enfield 2018 Council Election campaign pledges. Better Streets for Enfield calls on all local parties to commit to supporting the health...

Read more: Enfield Greens endorse the...

Safer streets for young people

Protecting youth services that reduce knife crime Sharp decreases in funding for youth services have been accompanied by increased occurrence of knife crimeBetween 2012 and 2017, council funding for youth services has been cut by 60% in Enfield,...

Read more: Safer streets for young people

Enfield streets: For people, not cars

For years, residents all over Enfield have suffered from noise, congestion and air pollution due to too much through traffic. Enfield Green Party believes that streets are for people, not traffic. The space has to be shared but on residential...

Read more: Enfield streets: For people,...

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GPEW leaders Sian Berry and Jonathan BartleySian Berry and Jonathan Bartley - co-leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales

Candidates for Enfield Council bye-elections

Jubilee ward

Bill Linton

Bill Linton photo

After graduating from Oxford with a BA in Maths I got in on the ground floor of commercial computing and had a successful career as a freelance analyst/programmer, though I have been retired for several years now. I have lived in Palmers Green for over 40 years.

I have been a member of the Green Party for more than 30 years, and an active one for almost 20. Currently I am both Treasurer and Election Agent. I also hold active roles in Enfield & The Barnets United Nations Association, the Enfield Fairtrade Campaign (which I chaired when we achieved Fairtrade Borough status for Enfield in 2008, and do again) and Enfield Palestine Solidarity. I support various other social and environmental justice causes.

I also play both chess and bridge seriously – though currently online only.

Southbury ward

Luke Balnave

luke balnave 250x292px

I work as a data manager at a local secondary school and grew up in Enfield. I like to keep active and play tennis at a local club and football for a local vets team on Enfield Playing Fields. I have two daughters and want to help create a bright future for them. Two-party politics no longer works for Enfield. It is time for a new breed of plural engagement where voices are heard.

I am standing as I want to deliver a sustainable and prosperous future for Enfield and its next generation. I intend to be a robust independent force for scrutiny and accountability that rebuilds faith in local governance. I want to see Enfield re-emerge as a place where the community and council work hand-in-hand to deliver on those things that will most enhance the lives of its residents.

I will be relentless in facilitating a fresh start for the local economy, where sustainable local businesses are prioritised and where green industries are allowed to thrive and create the next generation of employment opportunities for our young people.

I am committed to ensuring our amazing green spaces, that have proved their worth ten-fold in recent times, are fully protected and remain under full council control. A commercial entity has no place in the wider day-to-day usage of such critical sources of community wellbeing. I personally volunteer at Bush Hill Park and I know the difference a truly community-centric, well-run park can make to people’s daily lives.

I stand resolutely behind existing local residents who feel rightly threatened by crudely conceived skyscrapers being proposed on their doorstep. These need to work for existing residents first.

I will ensure that pollution and health issues are placed as the top priority where health equity is critical in delivering just outcomes for all Enfield residents. We will clean up our most polluted areas to create a safeguarded environment for future generations. I will proactively support measures that empower local action on climate change and enable Enfield to act now for our younger residents.

Enfield is rich in diversity and the community bonds that are built here. It has so many positive aspects that make Enfield a great place to live and work. I will ensure these traditions are built on to revive stewardship towards a bright future for our borough. We have a critical opportunity now to secure a sustainable footing in how we rebuild our local economy and how local government and residents can more effectively work together. Let’s not waste this chance.

Want Green. Vote Green.

Chase ward

Lynne Davies

Enfield Green Party News

Greens surge in the Euros: Enfield Green Party comments on the election results

27 May 2019

The Euro elections saw a Green advance and a majority against BREXIT but revealed a country still profoundly divided and a broken political system. The challenge now is to find a way out of the BREXIT stalemate that respects both democracy and...

Read more: Greens surge in the Euros:...

Enfield Green Party calls on Enfield Council to declare a Climate Emergency

29 January 2019

The Enfield Green Party issued the following statement on 28 January 2019. The Enfield Green Party welcomes the Mayor of London’s declaration of a climate emergency, which was made in response to a motion by the London Assembly submitted by Green Assembly...

Read more: Enfield Green Party calls on...

London Assembly passes Green climate emergency motion

9 December 2018

On Thursday 6th December the London Assembly passed a motion calling on the Mayor of London to declare a climate emergency in London and put an emergency plan in place. Green Party assembly member Caroline Russell, who proposed the motion said:...

Read more: London Assembly passes Green...

Mini-Holland vindicated – in Waltham Forest

7 August 2018

One of the many figures in the report showing the expected improvements in air quality resulting from the Mini Holland schemesA new study by Kings College* vindicates the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland scheme, notably the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The...

Read more: Mini-Holland vindicated – in...

August 1st is Earth Overshoot Day

31 July 2018

This year August 1st is Earth Overshoot Day, the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from the rest of nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. This date moves about three days earlier each year as our consumption, population and...

Read more: August 1st is Earth...

EGP Voices

Enfield Green Party members comment on current issues

The national Green Party Spring Conference - in a nutshell

Super User 15 June 2019

David Flint from Enfield Green Party reports back from the Green Party of England & Wales' Spring Conference. Joy in the ranks Repeatedly speakers announced themselves as the "newly elected councillor for so-and-so" - usually to enthusiastic...

Read more: The national Green Party...

Non-Violent Rebellion

David Flint 14 December 2018

The Extinction Rebellion outside Parliament at the end of October In the run-up to COP24 there were a flood of climate reports all with variations on: “It’s worse than we thought but we can avoid catastrophe. Action this Day!” As COP24 grinds to an...

Read more: Non-Violent Rebellion

Climate change goes construction mainstream

David Flint 20 November 2018

Last week we were asked to look at 'How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly' on the Stanmore Contractors website. We were promised: “plenty of valuable information such as: How increasing populations, strained natural resources, carbon...

Read more: Climate change goes...

What I did at Conference

David Flint 30 October 2018

David Flint attended the Green Party of England & Wales Autumn Conference Party conference is a confusing affair. That’s partly because there’s a lot of it – at one time in Bristol there were nine events running in parallel. And partly because it’s...

Read more: What I did at Conference

Representation of future generations

David Flint 29 October 2018

Concern for the future is a central issue in Green politics. Many of our key issues – biodiversity, climate change and the loss of natural habitats – have consequences beyond the life of a parliament or even of a person. The damage done by climate...

Read more: Representation of future...

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