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The Euro elections saw a Green advance and a majority against BREXIT but revealed a country still profoundly divided and a broken political system. The challenge now is to find a way out of the BREXIT stalemate that respects both democracy and minority views.

Green advance

According to Enfield Green Party Press Officer David Flint, “Today we have seven MEPs, four more than yesterday and we are the fourth largest party by votes. We outpolled the Tories – once a mighty electoral machine – by 12% to 9%!”

Enfield Green Party congratulates Scott Ainslie on being elected as MEP for London.

In this the UK reflects the pattern across Europe – the new European Parliament will include a lot more Green MEPs. “The wider European result shows deepening support for Green policies in defence of the environment and humane values” said Flint, “policies that will be essential whatever happens about BREXIT.”

“Here in Enfield we are excited that 10% of voters endorsed the Green Party. These are people who reject the folly of BREXIT, the Tory narrative of meanness and the muddle of Labour.” These results confirm the Green advances in the recent local elections where the party more than doubled its number of councillors.

Remain remains ahead

Though the media has stressed the spectacular growth in the BREXIT Party the votes for remain parties exceeded BREXIT and UKIP votes by 40% to 35%. “It is NOT TRUE”, said Flint, “that the whole scountry wants BREXIT.”

UK still deeply divided

In fact the UK remains profoundly divided, with sizeable minorities for remain, for compromise and for hard BREXIT. Parliament too is divided. “Our political system is broken” said Flint. “Built for a two-party world it cannot cope with three, let alone four or five parties. It’s time to do politics differently. To find a way forward that is democratic but respects minorities. Both Labour and the Tories have now shown that they cannot do this. Change must come.”

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