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"The environment is not a side issue"

As a former legal aid lawyer, I'd been an environmentalist since my teenage years. I joined the Green Party in 2014. We were facing an emergency and I needed to join the fight to raise awareness and change the corrupted political landscape. The environment is not a side issue, nature is not a 'nice to have', if we don't act fast to keep ecosystems and the planet at the heart of decision making, we risk climate breakdown.

"Science fact, not science fiction"

Science fact, not science fiction. The Greens are the only party with realistic policies to take action on climate change now. For too long the old parties have dithered and bickered and passed the blame whilst the emergency is real, it is here now and we must act. Greens have real answers to put into action now before it's too late. Modern energy, clean air, keeping healthcare free, reliable public transport, safe food, green spaces and real long-term solutions to crime and poverty.

"A vote for me is a vote for justice"

A vote for me is a vote for Justice. Greens will pass the benefits of technological advances back to ordinary people, with policies such as warmer homes, universal basic income and the 4-day work week. It's time for the exploitation to end. Trade must be fair and sustainable as well to ensure justice throughout the supply chain, not only at home.