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The Enfield Green Party issued the following statement on 28 January 2019.

The Enfield Green Party welcomes the Mayor of London’s declaration of a climate emergency, which was made in response to a motion by the London Assembly submitted by Green Assembly Member Caroline Russell[1].

Concern about climate change is far from new and should have resulted in greenhouse gas emissions falling. In fact emissions rose by nearly 3%[2] last year and this fact alone justifies calling the situation an emergency.

The strong consensus of climate scientists and economists – backed by a majority of the public[3] – is that urgent action is required by individuals and by all levels of government.

We are pleased to see that a motion calling on Enfield Council to declare a Climate Emergency is on the agenda for its next meeting[4].  We urge all councillors to ensure that the motion is debated and approved and to instruct council officers to identify ways to reduce emissions in the borough of Enfield.

28 January 2019



According to official figures Enfield residents created, on average, CO2 emissions of 3.4 tons per person in 2016. Of that 1.3 tons came from our houses and another 1.3 from travel and transport.





[4] Motion 11.10