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Solving the housing problem


The Green Party is the only party who believe that every person, in this and future generations, should be entitled to basic material security as of right.

For people who fall on hard times, we believe the right to rent = people facing difficulties should have the right to rent their home as council housing.  This includes all people!

Green Party Policies on Energy are as much about power and tackling fuel poverty than about climate change. Any new houses built or re-built should be to passivhaus standard, which is significantly better than the so called zero carbon standard that was in the London plan and not kept to and it is the full time job of Green Party Assembly Members, Sian and Caroline, to hold the Mayor of London to account.

Greens in Government would:

  • Provide suitable local homes to unaccompanied children fleeing Syria, Iraq etc. both through the council and through civil society groups.
  • Stronger protections are needed for agricultural land, greenbelt and urban green spaces.  Landowners should be forced to go ahead with planned development on derelict urban sites 
  • Councils should focus on providing affordable housing that meets local needs and they should be required to bring empty properties back into use, stop demolishing existing homes
  • Housing should be built to high environmental standards, including insulation, renewable energy, rainwater recycling and appropriate materials
  • Local services, job opportunities and good public transport links should be required with all new developments.


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